Print on Demand Publishing

I decided to use a print on demand (POD) publisher for my story for several reasons:

  • I want to get the story out now, not much later or never.  New authors have a ridiculously difficult time breaking into the traditional publishing industry.  Agents aren’t interested in you unless they’ve heard of you in some hip Soho cafe.
  • I believe in the power of the internet.
  • Traditional publishing, like the music industry, will have to change or die.  Lemme think about this one…uhhmm..go ahead and die.  We’ll give you a nice funeral with plenty of pretty flowers.

After a lot of investigation, I decided to use Booklocker as my publisher.  I had difficulty finding anything negative about them.  So far they have been awesome to work with.

Update: At this point, I am depending completely on my family and friends to help spread the word about my book.  My “real” life doesn’t leave me much time for marketing.  If you’ve enjoyed the story, or think you know someone who would, please let them know.

Ordering the Book

Front Cover for CMY

To go to my Booklocker author page: Click Here

You may also purchase the book at:

Amazon:  Click Here

Barnes & Noble Online:  Click Here

Books A Million:  Click Here

Wal-Mart: Click Here

Or by ordering it from nearly any bookstore.

Thank you for your support…Tc

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